Fountain Pens of Japan | Andreas Lambrou en Masamichi Sunami

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Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami started their collaboration in 1980. Their ultimate goal was to capture the pen and pen industry of Japan. The research for this book began in 1986. After 26 years and more than 12,000 man-hours by each author and with the generous help of many pen collectors and companies in both the East and the West, the work was completed and published in 2012.

Fountain Pens of Japan tells the complete history of Japanese fountain pens and fountain pen manufacturers from 1880 to the present day. All manufacturers, large and small, are covered, with a lot of attention for the many lacquer and maki-e techniques.

Professional photography throughout the book shows the pens in full size for easy identification. A large number of previously undocumented prototypes are included. The more than 1,700 images are extremely detailed, with more than 500 vintage and modern fountain pens that have never been documented before.

Japanese fountain pen manufacturers are relatively few in number, but the variety of styles and surface decorations they use makes this new book exceptionally colorful and informative. Andreas and Masamichi have done an exceptional job with the detailed research required for such a publication and have skillfully brought together all the information and images from contacts and sources around the world. This reference book is without a doubt one of the most valuable sources of information for pen enthusiasts worldwide.

448 pages 30.9 X 22.5 cm

bound 1700 color illustrations

issued in 2012.

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