Aurora Dante Alighieri Limited Edition fountain pen

Item no: 920-E-F

€1.528,10 EUR

Dante Alighieri (1265 - 1321) was an Italian poet, writer and short-lived politician. His main work is known as La Divina Commedia. It is a long poem in three parts about a journey from Hell (Inferno), through Purgatory (Purgatorio) to Paradise (Paradiso) and is considered a pinnacle of world literature.

The pen before us is a reissue of the original from 1995 and is exactly the same as the first Dante model from Aurora in green lacquer. The clip cap, which bears the image of the poet (en profile with a laurel wreath on the head), the antique decorations, laurel leaves on the clip and cap rim and the ring on the holder, are identical to the original from 1995. All fittings are gilded.

All models are equipped with the traditional fixed piston mechanism, the nib is 18 krt. gold, available in fine, medium or wide.

The pens are delivered in a luxurious packaging with a matching ink bottle, specially made for this series. In addition to information, the supplied instruction booklet contains the official number of the relevant pen (0032/1919).

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