ASC Bologna Extra Egyptian Series Nefertiti LE fountain pen

€904,96 EUR
The new ASC Egyptian Series honors the great kings and queens who reigned in various dynasties of ancient Egypt. Inspired by Egyptian designs and colours, the gold decorations on the barrel above the grip area and on the cap rim feature ancient hieroglyphics. The material used for this pen is new celluloid, which ASC has been developing in-house over the past three years.

Several layers have been used to deepen and enhance the color of the material, creating a unique pattern.

The pen is fitted with a large (no. 8) oversized Medium Flex"18 kt gold nib. The nib is also engraved with the Eye of Horus and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Small pressure nuances allow the thickness of the lines to vary slightly, the ink guide is made of ebonite. The ASC is equipped with a pneumatic (One-Touch) filling system as used by Sheaffer and Chilton in the late 1920s. The outer end of the holder can be unscrewed, then the inner tube must be The holder is then completely filled with air through the small valve hole at the end of the barrel.Then the nib is dipped in the ink and the pulled-out part is pushed back again, while you open the small valve hole at the end of the barrel. covers the barrel with the finger, now the column of air is compressed which in turn presses the rubber bag.When the finger is lifted after the stroke, the compressed air can escape and h Buff the bag again and suck up the ink. The pen is filled with more than 2 ml of ink.

The ASC Extra Nefertiti Limited Edition is produced in an edition of 88 pieces.

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